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As promised last week, more photos of Tim Slesak's incredible mostly brass 1929 lowboy roadster pickup....including construction guys HAVE to check this out! TIM *LINK* *PIC*

Tim was inspired to build this from that memorable rootbeer candy 1/1 scale hot rod that toured the Autorama shows about...what now....about 15 years ago?

Like the other premier craftsman of the hobby back in the 1970's and 80's, Tim works mostly in brass these days. The jewel-like detail he achieves is pretty amazing.

While the modelers who work in brass almost always create miniature works of contemporary art, a certain automotive realism is often lost in the process. Tim's models instead exploit the brass medium to create even more lifelike miniature replicas, which in my opinion puts his work on a unique pedestal in the model car world.

Here are some other photos of one of his most recent project.

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