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Thanks Frank...Was good talking tonight and just got back from the model room about 10 minutes ago..Was down there since we spoke..The Dodge looks better on the shelf than in the pictures..I got another hood from the Polar lights kit that fits lots better..You couldn't get

65 "B" bodies in Canada..Bought the one in the picture at Minneapolis Mopars in Park..Saw it car corral and told guy his car was**** ugly..Bought it two weeks after..Drove home from Austin Mn where he lived..80 mph with 695x14 tires with cracks in them..Great night drive..All alone with youngest son sleeping in pass seat..No cell phones then..Just wing and prayer..383 4bbl and 4 speed..Car has sold 4 times since I've owned it and is now just outside Winnipeg and an older guy like me ownes it now..

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