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(PICS) Just Completed: Restored old large scale ITC '55 T-Bird Kit

Larry and I collaborated on this fun restoration of a large old 1/12 scale kit of a ’55 Thunderbird that Larry had bought years ago on Ebay.
Produced by ITC (Ideal toy Company) in 1962, it was available in either motorized form or not, and this particular one had been built using all the customizing accessories (bubble skirts, custom tail-lights etc.)
Like many potential projects, this one had languished for many years on Larry’s ‘to do’ list, but with the Covid pandemic and the ‘stay at home’ guidelines, we’ve been gradually getting lots of old projects sorted out and this one has just been completed.
All the customizing accessories were removed, the body cleaned up, stock skirts and tail-lights as well as some missing Ford crests and insignias have all been fabricated in styrene. Since this particular model had not been motorized, hood and trunk-lid access wasn't necessary so they could be both glued closed.

All the old worn chrome-plating has been redone (Alclad and Molotow) and the main body paint is automotive basecoat/clearcoat, and ride height has been adjusted according to internet reference of stock ‘55 Birds.

We’d describe this 1/12 T-bird as more of a large 'curbside' toy than a detailed model but we’re both quite pleased with the final result.