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1970 Galaxie 2dr. Hardtop Project......PIX. ......

I started this project around twenty years ago. Got bored with it and boxed it. I recently dug it out and decided to finish it. Once I looked it over and done some research, I saw that the quarter windows and rear window were wrong.



While I was fixing those issues, I noticed humps in both of the doors and quarters that needed to be fixed. No way of doing it with the trim. So, I got rid of it also.



Back in primer. I then noticed an issue at the top of the rear window and I realized that the full scale car has a slight peak where the trim is mounted on the side. I wasn't about to attempt that. So, I stuck the trim back on.




Now it's painted with a coat of clear pearl. I wanted an ugly brown on it. But, I think I may have overdone it on the ugly. Hopefully, it'll come together in the end. I have a handful of wheel choices. So, I may still be able to turn it around. We'll see.


Thanx for checking it out!

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