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100% ETTER THAN DEALING WITH THED OLD METAL i USED TO FOOL WITH IN THE HOUSE I GREW UP IN. WITH THE PLASTIC, NEVER GO TIGHTER THAN HAND TIGHT THOSE DELICATE SEALS DON'T NEED IT AND THEY'LL NOT WITHSTAND EXCESS PRESSURE OR TIGHTENING TOO MUCH. MY WIFE HAS ALWAYS BEEN ONE WHO DOES LOTS OF HOUSEHOLD "PROJECTS". She built her own bookshelves in the house she grew up in long before I met her. She is now completing a small bathroom unit for our granddaughter to keep all her "girly things" on and not "get in the way" of her older brother's things in their shared bathroom. Just before Christmas, she replaced the kitchen sink faucet assembly and must have nudged the "P" trap then a small leak appeared, she disassembled the P-trap and made sure it was clean and all sealing surfaces were good, she reassembled it and all is good again. Jan 20 is our 42nd anniversary and we've decided to give it a few more years to see if we can make a go of it??

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