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Link to Dragmaster site! I posted it wrong. MANY "Mooneyes" cars, hundreds in fact. *LINK*

Here's the correct link to DRAGMASTER, maker of the mass produced Dragmaster frame that Moon used for their car!
I have dozens of pics of the car, used to go to Moon Eqpt. in Norwalk (Ca. ) every few weeks , because of my job.
Took a ton of pics at Bakersfield where the car is shown at the March Meet and Hot Rod Reunion. Have communicated the Dragmaster folks for measurements, detail questions etc. Go to the site !
Again, they sold hundreds of chassis, they came off an assembly line, along with Scotty Fenn's chassis Research cars ( the K-88 and TE-488 ) made dragsters affordable, safe
and available. Ready made chassis were much safer, you need a good welder for these parts, not amateurs.
My point here that I think was lost on some of you is that the Mooneyes car is not unique any more than any mass produced car. Think Detroit.
I know for a FACT that Dragmaster cars ran Chevies,W head Chevy, wedge Mopars, six cyl. GMC, Chevy. Slant Six, Lincoln and Ford wedges, you name it.
ASK the guys at the dramaster family!