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A couple more I am going rescue from the depths of diispair (I hope) AMT 62 Pontiac Bonnevilles (PICS)

I got these in a package deal along with a couple of Chargers. First up, the Bonneville Hardtop.

Body looks pretty straight, except it is missing the "Bonneville" script on the front fenders and the door handles. I will have to do something about that. the rims came with the kits while the tires are a set of new AMT tires from something.

I have some newer front and rear bumpers coming, one even has the tail lights I need! I will have to try and make those center sections for the front grille.

Next is the convertible 62 Bonneville that was included.

Tires are from the a new release 62 Buick Electra 225 kit while the (suspected 1965 version) of the Pontiac finned brake drum wheel came with the selection of parts. I used the backing plates from the Buick kit as well.

The boot came from the Buick kit and if I am going to use it I need to resize it a lot to fit.

No stock bumpers for this one, but I have some coming.

It should be fun trying to get these back to being acceptable shelf models. :-)

An update on the 64 Wildcat custom.

The ugly green has came off but there is an equally ugly blue underneath it. So it is still in the bath. The tires that came on the kit had gold stripes on the back! so, what car came with gold striped tires?

Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.

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