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Depends on what the end goal is...

A '65 Chevelle 'Time Machine' is certainly possible, the that would require an all new body in all likelihood, but if there is enough commercial interest... they said the Nova Stawag was impossible, and now you can get one easily.

Somewhere, I had a list of the parts that differed between the Nova and Chevelle. Chassis is very similar, would definitely pass, engine dress would need to be reworked from injectors to a supercharger, and the midsize interior bucket used for the F85 would need to be recovered or replicated. Chrome is in the modified kit.

If I'm smellin' the cookin'... if Chevelle underbody bits could be recovered or replicated, the F85 Funny Car body was in the tool up until the recent revival; it's in the shot on the hanger... thus with a bit of footwork, the Chevelle and F85 FCs could be re-released. If the Edsel promo body appeared someplace, the execrable but charming Edsel FC could also be added to the list. If three kits could be leveraged from the recovery of one, maybe the juice would amortize he squeeze? Time will tell.

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