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I just got this new airbrush.....

It's a cordless and hoseless unit. The battery/compressor is in the handle. I never saw one like this before. I got it from Amazon, they seem to have quite a number of this type. The airbrush itself is similar to my Grex Tritium. What I like about this airbrush is that when the weather gets nice I can go outside to spray. So I just test sprayed some scrap parts and it works pretty well. It just has a high and low pressure setting. It sprays well enough with the low setting. I also got it free from Amazon Vine. I only have to post a review on it which I just did. Here's some photos of it.

I didn't use it on my Bimota Tesi 1D (in the background) as all the airbrushing on it has already been completed.

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