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O/T : The Finale... A thank you message from my wife. *LINK* *PIC*

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your good wishes. Your letters, messages, cards and emails have flooded in and raised my spirits. Ray saved all of your replies and only showed them to me after we had the gumbo Saturday evening. It was very romantic, candles, wine, then “The Gift”. What a fabulous surprise, I was very touched. To think he showed his work to you and everyone kept the secret. That is quite special.

We have found a prominent place for it on the long living room wall so you see it as soon as you come into the room from the kitchen. The gumbo reminded us of the New Orleans trip that celebrated our 25th Anniversary all those years ago. Fifty years has flown by and we keep saying how much we have to be thankful for, good friends, good health and more memories to create.


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