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Was playing around this weekend with a couple of 1/32 scale cars--the Lindberg '74 Buick Regal and Monogram's late '70s Malibu police car. They are NOT the same scale!!

The Malibu's body--not including the bumpers--is LONGER than the Buick without bumpers. Didn't get an true measurement, but my eye says the difference is about 12 scale inches, giver or take.
Same for the wheelbase--the Malibu is longer.
Weren't the later A-bodies supposed to be shorter than the 'colonnade era' cars? Widths were very close, though.

Somewhere in my stash is a Lindy '74 Monte Carlo. Have to find it now...

Never had the Lindy Cordoba or Thunderbird.

Discovered I have at least two of the Malibus (both of them are the reissues with the 'Mt. Prospect P.D.' decals/stickers. Might be one of the reissues with the NYPD stickers in my stash, but I'm not 100% sure.

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