Spotlight Hobbies

"Spotlight Hobbies Virtual Car Show" , , , Inspired by Dave Van's post below. , , , *PIC*

Lets all post up pics of our 1/1 "hobby" or "project" cars.

Here's mine.

'85 Trans Am. It sat for 15 years before I bought it. Since then we replaced 3/4 of the floor, starter, carb, all the brakes, tires, an exhaust manifold gasket, rad and heater hoses, new carpet and did a body job and painted it.

Still to be done is seat upholstery, head liner, rear wing and various odds and ends. Not gobs of horsepower but handles like it's on rails and it's fast enough for me. '-)

Hope to finish it up this year as I have my eye on a 78 Toronado XS project car I think has real possibilities.

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